Thursday, September 11, 2014

We are (hopefully) Going to be Foster (to adopt) Parents

I feel like I have always had a hear for adoption/fostering.
My husband... not so much.
I don't remember exactly when, but it was after we lost our baby when I remember being out to dinner with him at one of our favorite places, Mama Leones and asking if we could apply to foster.  It was a quick no from him.
I think it was a year after that when I had him print out the forms.   He was getting more on board.  But they say on the shelf in our guest bedroom and I never filled them out.  One day earlier this year as I was tidying up that room I remember coming across them and tossing them.  Because I didn't think he would be on board.  Because I thought we would get pregnant on our own...
In mid-July before our 4th wedding anniversary I brought it up again.  Chris printed out the papers again at work and brought them home.   A new path for us to venture down.
So we filled out the papers.  I told my mom and my sister.  We told the people we were going to use for family/personal references.
During the application process I would learn others were pregnant and it would hurt all over again.  I felt at times like why are we here filling out paperwork, getting fingerprinted, having background checks ran on us when other people just get pregnant.
I was elated when our paperwork was ready to be sent in.  I happily mailed it away, even paid more to send it Priority even though the office it was going to was only about 25 minutes from our home.   When I got back in the car, postage receipt in hand I took a photo to document it.  Sort of like what I would have done had I taken a positive pregnancy test.  This was our positive test!
That following Monday I got a call that our initial paperwork had been turned in and we would receive an email to schedule our 30 hours of foster care training. 

This was all really happening.

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