Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Boy

The night before we picked you up I couldn't sleep.  I was up early on the morning we were to meet you at the hospital and I wrote this on my phone -

And I was right.  I sit in that spot at least once a day to hold you and it all comes full circle.
I loved you from the moment I saw you... you just so happened to be the baby boy I had dreamt of for months.  And you are perfect... so perfect.  I am embracing every single second because I know babies grow fast... You could be our very last baby, and that my sweet boy is our hope.   The fact that another mother had to set you free in order for me to be your mama is not lost on me. 
I try really hard to never think of the what ifs.. because it is honestly too much of an unbearable pain.  Yet I know I am stronger than I ever knew I was and I can do hard things for you my sweet boy.
You are one of the very best things to happen to me and I will love you until my dying day. 

Dear Baby B

Dear Baby B,

Tomorrow morning we head to the hospital to pick you up.  We only know a little bit about you as of now.  I am not sure if it has fully hit us that tomorrow morning we are going to be parents again.  I cannot wait to see you and hold you.   I have dreamed about you for years.   You are loved and wanted.  We have been anticipating your arrival for months.  We are eager to welcome you into our home and our family.  We are eager to love you unconditionally forever.


Your New Parents

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Written last week... forgot to post until today... no more waiting

I feel pregnant in that... we are expecting a baby...
I sort of feel overdue... based on the timelines we were originally told we should already have a baby, but we don't... So we wait.
I still need to get the car seat installed at the police station, but other than that we are ready.
I have the diaper bag packed to take to the hospital - two outfits, diapers, wipes, blankets, undershirts, etc...
We are ready.
We are just waiting.


Last night I emailed the head caseworker to see if she had received our home study.  She emailed me this morning to say she had and we should be licensed by this afternoon or tomorrow.
At 2 pm today I received a call from a blocked number.  I didn't answer.  They left a voicemail.  It was the placement coordinator.  I called her back.
Newborn baby boy.
Perfectly healthy...
I was holding back the tears... was this really happening.  I said yes.
Then I talked to the case worker to get more info.  Then was running out the door to make two appointments I had to get in before the baby came.  Then a trip to Babies R Us.
Bottles are in the dishwasher.
Burp cloths are in the dryer.
This is really happening.
Tomorrow at 10:30am we go to pick up our new baby boy.  Baby B. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Nursery

I loved creating this nursery for the sweet baby (babies) who will be sleeping in here.
These are prints I created and framed for the nursery.

Chris and Maddie painting the wall.

The sign I made for over the crib.

I love this.  I painted the canvas.  Then I cut the letters out of scrapbook paper and used Mod Podge to adhere them to the canvas.

The Changing Area

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today (12/29/2013) my husband said the words to me that I discussed in this post.  Wow... so many has changed in a year.   Instead of sobbing today I am doing a full load of baby laundry.   I didn't think it was possible for so many thing to improve in so many aspects of my life in just a year.  I am so thankful.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things Are Good

We finished Class #9 of 10 this week.  It was a parent panel.  We got to hear the stories of several other local foster parents.  It was so inspiring and informative.  We are ready so ready.
We have been working on the nursery more.  We are going to paint this weekend.
The crib and a sign I created which will go on the other wall above the crib.

We went with Avent bottles. 

I designed this print and framed it to go above the changing table.
Last night we had dinner with two of the couples from our class.  It was the best time I have had in forever.  These are just really awesome people that we clicked with.  I know it will be such a blessing to continue to have them in our lives as we all embark on this same journey.  We cannot wait to make future plans to hang out again soon.