Friday, September 26, 2014

Foster Care Classes - 3 down ... 7 To Go

Each week I look forward to going to our Foster Care class.  We have a full class.  A diverse class.  There are two single women, a gay couple, and the rest are married couples.  I love the leader and the co-leader (she fostered then adopted siblings in our state).

One of my favorite things about going to the class is the free Diet Coke in the classroom.  I stopped buying it for our house, so it is a nice treat each week.
Last week's class was on Loss.
You can't love a loss away.
True so true.
We have been doing gobs of paperwork like crazy.  Last week we took a road trip to Maryland.  My husband gets bored in the car so I just asked him a bunch of his questions while we were driving to knock it out of the way.   The nature of the questions at times can be pretty invasive, but I understand the importance (of most of the questions).
We had the fire inspector out yesterday to view our home.  I need to order a view things on Amazon to prepare for his next visit.  We have our first home visit next Tuesday.  I am nervous, but since I feel super comfortable with our leader, I know it will go great.
We are moving right along and for the first time in a long time I can see a light at the end of our tunnel.

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  1. Good luck! Found you through Jessah! I'm sure this is a scary but exciting journey you are on! Thanks for sharing your story!


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