Saturday, August 30, 2014

Different Dreams

I used to dream of becoming pregnant
and staying pregnant
and delivering a baby in a hospital.
Now I dream of getting a phone call
saying yes
and a baby showing up on our doorstep.
I used to dream of perusing through the baby name books and choosing the best names.
Now I wonder what will be the name of the baby that comes to us.
I used to dream that I would give birth to a baby with brown hair.
Curly brown hair and hazel eyes.
A baby that resembled my husband.
Now I dream of all sorts of babies.
Black and white babies.
Babies with blond hair or black curly hair.
Babies with blue eyes.
I used to dream of the perfect baby shower.
Now I dream about being able to round up enough stuff before our first placement arrives.
I used to dream about how I thought our family would expand through
Now I dream of how it will really be. 

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