Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things Are Good

We finished Class #9 of 10 this week.  It was a parent panel.  We got to hear the stories of several other local foster parents.  It was so inspiring and informative.  We are ready so ready.
We have been working on the nursery more.  We are going to paint this weekend.
The crib and a sign I created which will go on the other wall above the crib.

We went with Avent bottles. 

I designed this print and framed it to go above the changing table.
Last night we had dinner with two of the couples from our class.  It was the best time I have had in forever.  These are just really awesome people that we clicked with.  I know it will be such a blessing to continue to have them in our lives as we all embark on this same journey.  We cannot wait to make future plans to hang out again soon. 

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